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dog cancer informationHi, and thank you for visiting my website. I made this site after searching for a treatment for my own dog, Buster. I was not sure if he had cancer or not, but I wanted to treat him with something all natural and safe.

I found a lot of bad information out there and crappy products before I found Life Gold by Pet Wellbeing. The people there let me ask them questions via live chat and really were helpful.

So I made this site to give people good information about canine cancer and to let them know about Life Gold for dog cancer support. My doggy is doing wonderful now, he seems to have more energy and shows no sign of cancer.

I don’t collect any information about anyone who visits this site at all. I simply provide information I hope is helpful to you and give links to products I believe are the best all natural pet remedies you can find.

Once you click a link on this site and go somewhere else I have no control over what information they collect about you. But this site does not collect or hold onto any of your information here. I hope you find my site useful, thanks. :)